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The International Machine

by The Dirty Words

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In you walk holding yourself in a jar, and you'd rather someplace better. You cried, I heard you cry, I heard you lie, you're lying now. Don't want to blame you but I'm not like you. The day dies in the womb. How I wish it was in reverse. I can't remember the last time I felt this angry or loved. This is insidious, this is incredible, this is insane. Remember me when you're dying alone, dialing the phone. Remember that was your dying wish for life ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. In you creep holding my heart in a vice. Turn it, squeeze me, bleed me bereft. Make me be clean, make me be clear, make me be mean, make me be nice. Don't want to hate you but I have nothing left. The day dies in the womb. How I wish it was in reverse. Remembering every room like a tomb. This was doomed to be worse. You saw this coming a mile away and you made me think we were going to walk this world in hand in hand in heart syncopation. Remember me when you're dying alone, dialing the phone. Remember that was your dying wish for life. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. This is the meaning of manipulation.
You Deserve 02:41
You deserve a better man. You deserve a wizened scholar. You deserve the arborist who'll make your trees grow taller. You deserve a Valentine from a million miles away. You deserve the sculptor who'll make you out of clay. You deserve more than a guitar with a broken string. You deserve the pastor who'll make your churchbells ring. You deserve wealth. You deserve pride. You deserve the electrician who'll build the lamp on your bedside. You deserve more than this petrified piano player's poem. You deserve the contractor who will build you your home. Don't feel inadequate. Don't feel cold and curled. You deserve a better man who will give you the whole world.
One two three four, everybody hit the floor. I've got a policeman's gun, lookin' to invoke some honorary violence for the underage alliance. Hey, it isn't rocket science. And I will have your compliance. So get down on your knees. Get down on your hands. Pull out your pocketbook and cancel all your plans. Call up your family, tell them it will be alright. If I have to, I will be here all night. When did the circle close?
Winter 04:48
Winter closes in, it surrounds us. But not too often do we defy our lust. Seems that summer and warmth have met their annual fate. Darkness comes a little early. Morning comes a little late. The cold, it bites our eyes. When closed, they turn us unwise. We walk out of here. Down the crevice, we peer. And we leap without hope. Don’t stand next to me unless you’re going to be the sunshine. Now the war is done, and we are all back at home. You find yourself no one. From town to town, torn limb from limb, from season to season, from friend to friend, you roam. repeat chorus So many words lost, you find them all and run. Change them around and they betray you, like the gun. You jumped the gun. Winter closes in, it surrounds us. Not too often, do we defy our lust. The cold, it bites our eyes. When closed, they turn us unwise.
Damn Jacket 03:24
Well I think I should’a won that contest on the underbelly of that Pepsi cap that I drank last week. Then I’d have the BMW, I would have the fancy house, and I’d the lifetime membership, and shares in the stock I don’t know the name of. Every one of us has the same damn jacket. Every one of us has the same damn jeans. Well, I have the cat that will chase down your mouse. And I have the dog that will eat up your cat. And I will chase you all through your house, breakin’ all of your windows, settin’ fire to your welcome mat. repeat chorus Well, I saw you walkin’ through the drugstore with your sunglasses on, like we’re gonna blind you, or find you, or queue up behind you. Finish your shoppin’, take your damn sunglasses off. repeat chorus I ask dirt, ‘How does dirt feel?’ It says, ‘Trodden on.’ Dirt asks me, how do I feel? And I say, ‘Trodden on.’ If you’re asked, ‘How do you feel?’ Say, ‘Trodden on.’ repeat chorus …and so do I!
For Naught 04:26
You were the rain in my back yard. You were the leaves under my tires. You were the dust on my top shelf. You were the mirror into myself. Just in case you forgot, I will break your heart for naught. You were the brick through my window. You were the horns through my halo. You were the shine in my shoes. You were the seventh in my blues. Just in case you forgot, I will break your heart for naught. You were the rail runnin’ up my stairs. You were the bluff on my two-pairs. You were the minor in my key. You were the needle into me. Just in case you forgot, I will break your heart for naught.
In this moment you will find perfect tricks in scrambled mind, all in trade with failing parts. This is where your action starts. Hold this quiet, cross yourself. Nature ‘bides this inward felt. Note this evening, mark it down. Take this beast into the ground. Don’t say words that give away. Pride will win, we die today. Keep this close, keep real your mark. Bite me hard, but don’t you bark. May your mother light your bed, pray not smother, wake up dead. Falling, bargaining a touch. Is this truth far too much? When sex is a secret, why do you want it going on? When sex is a secret, why would you think I’d want it? Tell no soul. No soul will know. Tell the world and spread your arms.
More 04:43
Once more, gather your passionate pillars made of plastic. Once more, gather wood for your cellophane fire. Once more, polypropylene covers your reasons. Once more, gather your spies and conspire. Things are changing now. Never more will my thoughts invade your capitol. Never more will your words invade my thoughts. Never more will your truths betray us. Never more will your lies be true. Things are changing now. Ever more will I be your lapdog. Ever more will I anchor your ship. Ever more will I drown in your riptide. Ever more will your whim be my whip. Things are not changing.
Here I come, cleanliness, clearing off all of this old mess. All of these joints in arms, insusceptible to your charms. Call all my teachers, see how to reach her. Blame it on the evenings. You offer me this pill, and I think I will. My feet are so deep in the roots of this tree. Then I will knight you. Then I won’t fight you. It slides right down my throat, and right through me. This is your glowing heart, a beacon in my eye. This is how the city stays so bright tonight. Fame will pain me, exposure will drain me. Then they will see us. Faith in the obvious. Craning my neck to see ravers on ecstasy. Flesh is all I can be.


Recorded in Bend, OR summer 2007


released October 16, 2008

Recorded by Linkin Olsen
Mixed by Mike Chastain and The Dirty Words
Mastered by Jeff Lipton, Peerless Mastering
Lyrics by David Clemmer
Music by David Clemmer and The Dirty Words
Additional Vocals by A. Jacques on Damn Jacket


all rights reserved



The Dirty Words Portland, Oregon

{{on hiatus as of may '13}}

recordings personnel:
mike chastain - drums/percussion
david clemmer - vocals/guitars
scott page - bass guitar/standup bass
aaron poplin - guitars

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