The Hyenas

by The Dirty Words

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike Chastain and The Dirty Words at Casa Del Sacrament, PDX, July 2011.


released July 22, 2011



all rights reserved


The Dirty Words Portland, Oregon

{{on hiatus as of may '13}}

recordings personnel:
mike chastain - drums/percussion
david clemmer - vocals/guitars
scott page - bass guitar/standup bass
aaron poplin - guitars

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Track Name: The Hyenas
I don't know, but it's been said:
Chew before you swallow, don't you wonder you just been fed.
Stand your spine, stand right to left.
Gotta learn the difference from taking and a wallowing theft.

Summer flies, summer flies,
carries you along until the sun wrinkles over your eyes.
Evil men, poster child.
Live it on up, live it on up, we're running wild.

This is me to extreme!
You've got it wrong!
I'm looking on!
What do I see?
This is all you can call
a drop in the pan,
a bird in the hand,
a living doll!

What I love, what I like,
gotta a have a meetin', gotta talk about this one for a while.
Glue you in and button up,
for the body, for the blood, you tie the napkin, then raise your cup.

Let loose the hyenas! They cackle and bray!
Fight the devil, fight to make him kneel, clap hands, and pray!
No! Like me! Do it just like me!
This bullet says otherwise, you fall breed punk at my feet.


I get my fill from old white men.
I imbibe their hate and fear.
Hair down in my eyes, I clickity-clack
as I sport my American gear.

Light them up like a family
in a tree in the Louisiana sun.
Light another fire, daddy, tell us all again
just how the South was won.

Track Name: Okay
I'm damp in the towel and I'm cold in the bed.
I'm asleep in the day, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I chew at the blinds and I paint you a picture.
I cry when I play, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.

I'm tall where I sit and I stay where I run.
I'm ready where I lay, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I'm still when it quakes and I starve when I bakes.
I get more when I pay, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.

Six billion to one, I'm having more fun
as I lay in the sun and I tell everyone.
I am having more fun.

(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' the water!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' the gas!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' the motor!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' the trash!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' your mouth!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' your mind!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' your hand!
(Okay!) Can't help by runnin' behind!


I'm okay!