by The Dirty Words

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released March 26, 2011

Recorded by David Clemmer and The Dirty Words
Mixed by David Clemmer and The Dirty Words
Mastered by Mike Chastain and The Dirty Words
Music by The Dirty Words, except "in." and "Abel" by David Clemmer
Lyrics by David Clemmer



all rights reserved


The Dirty Words Portland, Oregon

{{on hiatus as of may '13}}

recordings personnel:
mike chastain - drums/percussion
david clemmer - vocals/guitars
scott page - bass guitar/standup bass
aaron poplin - guitars

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Track Name: in.
Warmth of bodies, talking, watching,
waiting for the band to play.
You came up in front of me and stood there a while,
staring at the instruments on stage.

We both wore red, and you had a pierced nose.
Rings lined the cartilage of your ear.
You turned, we exchanged names like money.
You said I was funny. I thanked you.

I could tell you liked me. I lied, said I was taken.
It's easier. You won't get attached.
And it's so dark...
(............)'s so dark you look like someone I know.

Shortly thereafter, the concert began.
You disappeared into the raging crowd, like a stormy sea.
Shortly before, you asked, 'What do you think they'll play first?'
I shrugged, and you sang, 'Dramamine.'

I still can't remember your name.
Track Name: Angels Retreat
In the elevator light
she dances without sneakers on.
The man with her begins to cry.
She tells him that he has no right.
'You're almost near the top,' he says.
'Tell me what that's all about.'
Her toes are warm against his shins,
cascading in sashaying out.

A rabbit with a gavel grins,
skittering a native tongue.
Says my tie is on too straight.
The courtroom fills with every lung.
'You're almost near the top,' he says.
'Have you anything to say?'
The stained glass and the altar burns.
My starlit lips brought me away.

Gentle indifference seethes me, sees me.
The stars are stuck in my cheeks, my lips.
I want to hear those cries of hate, of hate
on the day of my execution.

The shadow man looks like he laughs.
The elevator lights are brash.
Wallpaper of kinder words
gives the box a mangled rash.
A door stands between the two.
I knock five times and hands come through.
Her toes are warm against my shins.
I’m comin’, now I'll see you.

repeat chorus

Angels retreat at the sound of your speech.
Track Name: Hypocrite Blues
You were into immaculate conception.
You were into reincarnation.
You were into witchcraft and voodoo.
All the things you can't understand
unless they make perfect sense to you.

You wanted to go hunting.
It was early in the morning.
You had no ammunition.
You had all the ambition
you could ask for.

What happened to you?

You were so impartial
to perceiving the line
you were crossing and deriving
in the argument of time.
You were right.

What happened to you?
Track Name: Sheepcounting
The world times you.
The girl finds you.
You've served your time.
You're a changed man.
This time will be different, I swear it, I swear it.
The suspense is killing, can't bear it, can't bear it.

The sleeping pills.
The hourglass fills.
You've spent your time.
You're a spent man.
This time will be different, I promise, I promise.
You've got take your shot, I won't miss, I won't miss.

Look at you now, lying to yourself,
binding her to you with promises.
Look at you now, head so far up,
remembering all of her promises.

She does not care.
She ties knots there.
You believe time.
You believe change.
This time will be different, I guarantee, I guarantee.
I'll dot your brown eyes, and cross your t's, cross, you tease.

repeat chorus

Shadows four,
cross cut me.
Open me up,
and let them out.
Planet core,
swallow me.
Take me instead,
and let them out.
Track Name: E-Dart
I've been wasting you by the hand kept still.
When your moves are through, the test is on my will.
Your skin is plastic breeze, falling all around.
With friends such as these, crashing into renown.

Frenzy, frenzy night, just another song.
Just another sight, just another long, long
wind in the parking lot.

Let me be disillusioned,
medicate my dearest part.
Wait 'til you get your bruise on.
Lick tip of the poison dart.

I am empty, but a time well-spent.
Lonely house, but with a decent rent.
Day after her, wonder where you've been.
Open the screen door to let you in.

repeat chorus
Track Name: Jefferson County
It's your county.
Protect your children.
In with the innocent.
Save your senses
for your exit.
Go play hero.

Sack your own for
a bigger slice.
Don't hold back.
You are leaving.
Live thee lavish.
For your country,
for your country club.

Sacrifice none.
Reap and rape none.
Feed the headless beast
through its heart and
bony fingers.
You'll find your own mouth.

Your suspect's family suspects something isn't right.

It's your county.
Love your children.
In with the innocent.
You are guilty
of a question
with no answer.

Yours truly,
his son.
Track Name: Neighborhood Corner Prison
Deeming something complete
gives you cramps in your feet,
and you elbows beat
down onto my street.
Go down to the neighborhood corner prison,
dodging the schism but staying out of the play.


You're seething, you sinner,
you call yourself a winner.
Don't spit in your dinner.
Don't skate and don't litter.
It's seven o'clock,
you're sweating in your socks,
and you're making your stalks
but staying out of the rain.


The tree trunks are shaking
as your senses are waking,
and your memory's faking
a lovey-dovey mistaking.
It's seven o'clock,
you're sweating in your socks.
Go down to the neighborhood corner prison and play.

Track Name: Observationist
Got it rolling.
It won't stop.
Maybe I will
come out on top.

Eighteen hundreds,
double oughts.
Put that bag tie
in its knots.

Girl in her jar,
feeling squat.
Milk or murder,
twisting plot.

Oh god, the burden of herdin'.
Oh god, the tryin' of tyin'.
Oh god, the risen of prison.
Oh god.

Speak on empty.
Swallow rocks.
Creak on seeping.
Noise, it mocks.

Clack and mercy,
hurl and toss.
Bring that server
to his boss.

Breaking silence,
getting caught.
So many dark months,
oh my god.

repeat chorus
Track Name: Mr. Clean
I choke on air.
I choke on you.
I wear my suit
to impress you.
I will sanitize you.

I take a drive.
I take a trip.
A desert road.
I'll bring you here.
I will sterilize you.

Don't be alarmed.
You know me from sleep.
You know me from dreams.
I have come to have you.
Don't be confused.
Liars sullied your skin.
And I'll scrub and wash.
I have come to have you.

I think of eyes.
I think of pupils.
I will teach them
to infect you.
I will sanitize you.

repeat chorus
Track Name: out.
I still can't remember your name.